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Dudio - Songs for the Lost
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At long last my first album is finally finished. I just want to say thanks to all the kind messages I've received over the years pushing me to do an album. What begun as a bit of fun has turned into a small fan-base which keeps me inspired. I still can't believe I've had over 200,000 plays over all platforms.

I'd like to thank the people who pushed my music out there and wanted to use it in their YouTube videos, people like Nutnfanc, Swifty and many others, I'll continue to try and make my music usable for people online.

The album is a selection of the tracks I'm most happy with (it's a lot harder than it initially seems to do this), Nerve is probably the pinacle for me and I hope to produce more along these lines in the future depending on how this album goes.

Thanks Again for your support!